Revolutionize Your Ham Radio Experience with a Pocket-Sized DIY 2M Yagi Antenna

Unleashing the Potential of a Pocket-Sized Yagi

Welcome to a new chapter in the world of amateur radio – where portability meets performance in the form of a DIY 2M Yagi antenna that’s no bigger than what could fit in your cargo pocket.I’m thrilled to share a game-changing project that’s captured both my imagination and the airwaves.

The Genesis of a Groundbreaking Antenna

My journey began with a simple idea: to create a Yagi antenna so light and compact that it could accompany me on any adventure, from Summits On The Air (SOTA) activations to impromptu field operations. What emerged was DIY ingenuity: an antenna made from everyday materials like foil tape and a tarp – I affectionately call it the “Flagi”.

From Concept to Creation

This ultra-portable Yagi doesn’t just boast a minimalistic design; it’s a performer that punches well above its weight. Constructed using a precise Yagi calculator and reinforced with fiberglass for durability, this antenna is as robust as it is lightweight. And for those without a 3D printer, fret not – the design is adaptable and kits may soon be available for an even easier assembly experience.

Field-Tested, Distance-Approved

It’s one thing to design an antenna; it’s another to test its mettle in the real world. My “Flagi” didn’t just succeed – it excelled. Reaching out to a staggering 150 kilometers on 5w, it facilitated crystal clear communications from one of the highest points in Calgary, proving that you don’t need heavy, cumbersome equipment for effective long-distance communication.

73, VE6SFX – Clearing the channel.


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