Your Own PCB Antenna connectors for Ham Radio



Jewelers saw:

Jewelers drill:

Algo Laser:

This step-by-step tutorial of creating your own printed circuit boards (PCBs) for ham radio antennas! Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a curious newbie, this guide will demystify the PCB fabrication process from CAD design to the final acid etching. Learn about tools like Onshape for CAD drawing, the precise use of lasers for etching, and the essential cleanup with ferric chloride and acetone. We’ll even explore how to integrate functional and mechanical elements like BNC connectors and fabric patches for enhanced durability. Sponsored by PCBWay, this video not only teaches you the technical know-how but also connects you with resources for scaling your creations. Perfect for anyone looking to craft reliable J-Pole antennas and beyond—discover tips, safety advice, and professional insights that will enhance your radio signal for your amateur radio projects to new distances

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