CQ, CQ, CQ, this is VE6SFX calling CQ.


My name is Ben Eadie and I’ve recently entered the fascinating world of ham radio. A few months ago, I earned my Canadian Basic License with honors. I see tremendous opportunities for others, both new and experienced, to learn alongside me and follow my journey. I look forward to your frequent visits to the site as I share posts, videos, and humbly learn from any mistakes I make.

My child created a wonderful graphic for my QSL card. When I told her my call sign was Sierra – Foxtrot – X-ray, she developed the design you see here, and I absolutely adore it. Why ‘SFX’? Despite being slightly tricky to say phonetically, it holds significant meaning in my life. In my day job, I’m a designer and maker of props and special effects. SFX is the acronym used in the industry for special effects. You might have seen my work in films like ‘Star Trek Beyond’, ‘Maze Runner’, the last two ‘Predator’ movies, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’. Most recently, Netflix commissioned me to create a jump scare for ‘Wednesday Addams’ in NYC. A amazing team and I assembled and ran a animatronic radio controlled ‘Thing’ — you can watch for yourself below…

So, that’s a brief introduction to who VE6SFX is. I hope to find as much joy and fulfillment in this hobby as I do in creating props and special effects.



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